Types of Liquidation

Debt Solvers offers a comprehensive liquidation service for the following key liquidation types:

Compulsory liquidation

Compulsory liquidation is when a company’s assets are sold, and the proceeds are given to the company’s creditors before that company is dissolved. In order to put a company into compulsory liquidation a court order is needed.


Creditors’ liquidation

A creditors’ liquidation (or creditors’ voluntary liquidation) is when the directors of a company voluntarily choose to close that business by appointing a licensed liquidator like Debt Solvers to liquidate all of the company’s assets.


Insolvent liquidation

Insolvent liquidation is when the (or winding-up) is one of the ways in which the activities of an insolvent company are wound-up. Insolvent liquidation is usually as a result of either a voluntary arrangement or receivership, or be an independent process.


Involuntary liquidation

Involuntary liquidation is when a company is required by a court of law to halt all business activity because that company cannot pay its debts.

Debt Solvers has the knowledge and experience to provide a fast, professional and cheap liquidation service for all types of liquidation, call one of our registered liquidators today for a friendly and confidential chat.



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