Am I going to be charged with insolvent trading?

Are you concerned that you are going to be charged with insolvent trading?  Insolvent trading is a very expensive and
complicated course of action for a liquidator to undertake.  There will need to be very clear evidence of insolvent trading, and good reason for the liquidator to pursue this course of action.  Most insolvent trading claims are settled because of how complex the whole process is.  The best thing you as a company director can do if you are facing insolvency is to act quickly and get some expert advice about your business.


Debt Solvers has helped hundreds of New Zealand companies through liquidation.  We take the stress and worry out of insolvency and offer a low cost, professional, confidential service to businesses throughout New Zealand.  One of our friendly and experienced team members is available to discuss your individual insolvency needs with you today, and answer any questions you may have about insolvent trading and your company.


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