Behind on payments with the IRD

Are you concerned because the IRD is chasing you about paying your company’s debt?  Things can become very challenging for you and your company if you fall behind with your payments to the IRD.  Interest and penalties owed to the IRD can accumulate very quickly.  You might consider working out some sort of payment plan with the IRD, but this might not work out, and if your company can not pay tax owed the IRD can make a formal demand and apply to have your company liquidated.


Debt Solver recommends that where possible you avoid a creditor-forced liquidation.  If you have been given an application to liquidate by the IRD there is still time to appoint your own liquidator.  Debt Solvers has helped hundreds of New Zealand businesses through the process of liquidation when they are behind on payments to the IRD.  We offer a low cost, professional service with expert advice on making the whole liquidation process as stress-free as possible.


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