About us

Are you feeling under pressure from your creditors and receiving conflicting advice about insolvency and having to liquidate your business? Over 4,000 businesses find themselves in serious financial difficulty and having to think about liquidation in New Zealand every year.

At Debt Solvers we pride ourselves on helping New Zealand businesses that are struggling financially. As NZ’s premier business liquidators our motto is that we are here to help you, providing an expert, friendly, confidential and fast service to our clients. And we offer this exceptional service at very affordable and competitive prices – we are considered New Zealand’s cheapest liquidators.

Our experienced NZ liquidators have offices in Auckland, so if you want to chat about what it means to liquidate your business quickly and easily, contact Debt Solvers today!

Key promises to our customers:

  1. We provide advice that is friendly but with a clear plan of what needs to be done
  2. We always call you back, and respond to your queries very quickly
  3. We use New Zealand Liquidator for all work
  4. We try to do the job for the lowest possible price to help Directors
  5. We do what we said we would do – it’s that simple!

Things you should be aware of:

  1. If you have received a Statutory Demand – you have a very limited time to react to this demand, and organise your financial affairs. You need to get advice very quickly
  2. If you have received a Notice for Winding Up, you have even less time to react to this (10 business days)……so call us immediately if you have received this Notice
  3. If your company has already been wound up, still call us, as we may be able to help you through the process……
  4. If your company has debt, which can’t currently be paid – and you are looking at selling personal assets to pay the debt (ie. Your home) – call us first – we could save your home, and still get rid of the debt!

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